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Child Custody, Visitation And Support: Foundational Issues

Nothing is more important than your children’s well-being. Because child custody matters affect your children’s lives so drastically, they require a careful and thoughtful approach. There are rarely black-or-white answers. Instead, the process involves a highly personalized analysis based on your family’s unique situation.

The Many Questions That Come Up In A Custody Case

Child custody issues often come up in the context of divorce. However, they can also arise when unwed parents separate or when legal fatherhood (paternity) is established. In either case, you will be confronting foundational questions such as:

  • Where will the children live?
  • With which parent will they spend most of their time?
  • What are the details of the parenting schedule?
  • Who gets to make important decisions in their lives?
  • Who will need to contribute to their financial support?

Ultimately, these decisions must be made based on the children’s best interests. Yet it’s not always easy to determine what’s in their best interests. South Carolina law sets out a list of factors to consider, but much depends on your particular circumstances.

Navigating These Complex Determinations

As you can see, child custody and visitation issues are exceedingly complex. And they don’t disappear once the initial order is in place. Changes in your life — or your ex’s life — may warrant re-examining and modifying your parenting time arrangement down the road.

At The Law Office of Kenneth M. Mathews in Columbia, we are here to help with all aspects of child custody and support, including initial determinations as well as requests for modifications. Our family law attorney understands the nuances of these cases. As both a lawyer and mediator, Ken Mathews excels at helping families resolve these issues outside of court through creative problem-solving strategies. Yet he is also well-equipped to fight for you in court if necessary.

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